PTPdrive 4.1.265
Fixed Errors while copying files using wildcards.

PTPdrive 4.0.264
Fixed Error creating a directory during install when using a configuration file.

PTPdrive 4.0.263
New Windows 10 support.
Changed Changed signing certificate for the bundled device driver to avoid errors when verifying the driver's digital signature on some systems.

PTPdrive 3.7.260
New PTPdrive binaries signed with the Cranking Pixels certificate.

PTPdrive 3.6.259
Fixed Fix for possible crash when Windows returns "Unknown" camera capacity.
Changed Scanner devices are not listed in the camera selection.
New Installer prevents installing PTPdrive when MTMdrive is present, as they are not compatible.

PTPdrive 3.5.258
New Support for Windows 2012, Windows 8.1.

PTPdrive 3.4.257
Fixed Hang when taking pictures while camera is still mapped to a drive letter.
Fixed Total size of all pictures when working with dual memory card cameras.
New Support for protected pictures in camera -> pictures presented as read-only.
New Added support for detecting free space available on camera's memory card (works in Windows Vista or newer only).

PTPdrive 3.3.255
Fixed Crashing 'PTPdrive Settings' application (CPL applet) on 64-bit platforms.

PTPdrive 3.2.254
Fixed Command Prompt file operations using wildcards.

PTPdrive 3.1.253
New /startup command line option allowing to restore mapped cameras upon logon.
See A7 here for more details.
Fixed Possible hang situation in PTPdrive version 3.0 when multiple applications try to access files on the same drive at the same time.
Fixed Settings from the <default profile> were not propagated into newly created camera profile.

PTPdrive 3.0.248
New Support for dual memory card cameras (in Windows Vista or newer) allowing to map each card to a different drive letter simultaneously.
New Support for Windows 8.
New Ability to include original camera's directory name in the picture name format. Having the original directory name allows to replicate the whole camera's directory structure in the mapped drive letter.

When this feature is used in Windows Vista or newer it also allows to physically delete (empty) folders on the camera's storage card.
New The setup can automatically pre-configure the PTPdrive being installed. This is useful for mass/silent installations where no manual configuration is allowed.
Changed The PTPdrive mapping application now pre-selects the preferred drive letter (as configured in profiles) whenever a camera selection is made.
Fixed Error message "Invalid format" showed in the Profile section of the PTPdrive Settings application when selecting a profile which does not have any picture name format set.

PTPdrive 2.4.230
Fixed Work with multiple directory levels in picture name format.
New Battery level check can be globally enabled/disabled for all cameras.
Fixed Several fixes in PTPdrive Settings application.
Fixed Ad-hoc override of the picture name format.

PTPdrive 2.3.226
Fixed Memory leak when taking pictures while camera is still connected to the computer, which resulted in temporary disappearing of the drive content.
New Introduced default camera profile. It allows to specify camera parameters for all, previously unused cameras. This is useful when auto-mapping for any camera is desired.
Fixed Various bugs in "Profile editor".
New Status dialog shows the camera name it relates the message to.
Changed Redesigned the main window, introduced collapsible bottom part with additional (less-frequently used) details:
  • Current profile name
  • Current picture name format with option to temporarily override it
Fixed Current format string not correctly updated after clicking Refresh button in the main window.

PTPdrive 2.2.222
New Support for serial numbers of attached cameras. The Windows can detect camera serial numbers starting with Windows Vista, in older version of Windows camera serial numbers are not working.
New Camera profiles allow to specify an alias which gets included in the drive name visible in Windows Explorer. This is useful in combination with camera serial numbers to distinguish multiple cameras of the same type/brand mapped at the same time.
Fixed Default "picture taken" time set to the current time instead of using year 1600. This default time gets used when camera does not report the actual time when the picture was taken. Having current time is better than year 1600 when using date in the picture name format...

PTPdrive 2.1.215
New Automatic mapping of a connected camera to a drive letter without asking for drive letter (registered version only).
New Camera profiles allowing to customize automatic drive letter mapping as well as the file name format for each camera separately.

A camera profile gets created automatically once a camera is mapped to a drive letter for the first time. From that time its profile can be edited via 'PTPdrive Settings' application.
Changed Using WIA camera name instead of WIA camera description as the camera name, to distinguish between two or more same brand cameras connected at the same time.

As a real life example this change allows to correctly recognize between two exactly same Nokia phones connected at the same time via Bluetooth.
Fixed Compatibility issue with installing on Windows 7 64-bit.

PTPdrive 2.0.205
New Support for Windows Vista, Windows 2008, Windows 7.
New Support for 64-bit Windows.
New File name format supports virtual directories.
New Supporting cameras which have pictures stored in several levels of subdirectories.
New API to control connected camera.
Fixed In rare case one picture with two physical files might not be paired together properly (when camera produces JPG+NEF at the same time).

PTPdrive 1.0.1
New Everything


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