The PTPdrive allows digital cameras operating in PTP mode to be mapped to a local drive letter in the Microsoft Windows. Without the PTPdrive, only Mass Storage (MSC) mode cameras can have assigned a drive letter. While some digital cameras can be configured to work in either mode, some models, especially newer ones, only support the PTP/MTP mode.

Make sure to also check the  MTPdrive , it may fit your needs better (e.g. it can download movies from Apple devices, write to Android devices, etc).

Nikon D90 mapped to drive X: in Windows 7:

The PTPdrive offers drive letter mapping so any application can access the pictures in the PTP camera. The PTPdrive gives you the freedom of choice of a file/picture manager, including command-line/script based. The PTPdrive unleashes the full potential of your digital camera in Windows by using camera/picture metadata in the actual picture file names (no more manual renaming like "DSC_0333.JPG" to "2009-09 Summer Vacation 001.jpg").

The PTPdrive is a sleek replacement for:

  • buggy 'Scanner and Camera Wizard' in Windows XP & 2003
  • imperfect WIA namespace extension in Windows Explorer
  • any bulky software packaged with your digital camera
The PTPdrive supports all digital cameras operating in PTP or PTP/MTP mode, e.g. Nikon D90, D7000, D800, D300, Canon Rebel XSi, Apple iPad, Logitech ClickSmart, ... With just 3 MB of download size it is worth of a try.

Key features

  • Unique drive letter mapping for the PTP mode digital cameras
  • Ability to map dual memory card cameras to two drive letters simultaneously
  • Flexible file naming feature allowing dynamically change the names of the pictures based on the camera/picture metadata, supports original/virtual directory names for easy grouping.
  • Sophisticated file caching mechanism for fast access to the transferred pictures
  • Advanced integration of the PTPdrive-mapped cameras into the Windows Explorer via context menus, property pages, and WIA events
  • Automatic drive letter mapping upon connecting the camera to the computer
  • Profiles allowing to customize every connected camera separately
  • Support for camera serial numbers to distinguish multiple cameras of the same type/brand
  • Highly optimized code for speed and size, it needs about two MB of disk space to install, and about dozen MB of memory to run.

    For complete list of features with details click here. List of limitations and known issues is here.


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